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“Michael Katz launched into his first tale, silence reigned. Katz is a versatile performer and wonderful storyteller"
space– Los Angeles Times








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“Going on a Grimm's tale with Michael is a delicious tour of portrait, landscape, & sound.”

— Angela Lloyd, Storyteller

Storyteller Michael Katz tells stories with his own highly energetic, animated and interactive style of storytelling. Michael's incredible character voices, inventive movements and rubberlike, expressive face captivates audiences of all ages.  Michael has a magical way of creating a relationship betweeen audience and performer.

Michael's performances awaken the audience to the richness of a story, weaving together both the comic and the profound. Michael's stories include multicultural folktales, myths, original stories and personal narratives. Michael has performed at theatres, concert halls, festivals, school assemblies, and libraries throughout the U.S.

Michael's Assembly Performances

Because of Michael's extensive research of stories, his repertoire is so vast he can find the right story for almost any event. If you don't see a theme which interests you below, please contact Michael and he can try to create a show for you.

Multicultural Stories

In this program, Michael presents folktales from around the world: Asia, Africa, Europe and North America. You can pick the place, and he'll share the tale! The program will illustrate the uniqueness of different cultures, and intriguing similarities between them as well. The stories evoke laughter and develop cultural awareness and pride.

Do the Right Thing!

Multicultural folktales and original stories, which deal with the consequences and morals learned from making good and bad choices. This program is great for those interested in performances related to positive character development.

See Me, Hear Me

Inspire children with folktales and original stories that teach them about compassion for themselves and others; a perfect and powerful show which addresses the topic of bullies and bullying.

I Read it in a Book

Encourage students to read through this captivating program where Michael explores the joy of searching for good books and discovering the wonderful worlds of entertainment, education and imagination that they provide.

The Holidays Through Story

It’s December, you want to honor the holidays and the coming vacation break, but you want to respect the holidays of different cultures and you don’t want a show that is too “religious.” The Holidays Through Story is a wonderful choice. In this new show, Michael features stories that celebrate not just the wide variety of holidays during the month of December, but focuses on stories that emphasize the over-arching themes of these celebrations; generosity, patience, warm-heartedness and love.


Mchael tells the classic Italian folktale of Pinocchio, written in the late 1880's by Carlo Collodi. This beautiful story touches on such beautiful themes as: patience, keeping good company, loyalty, honesty, wise speech, gratitude, common sense, good decision making, courage, adventure, self -effort, sacrifice and generosity. Not to mention it encourages reading!

This piece was commissioned by the Santa Barbara Bowl.

United States of Stories

Students will be entertained by the amazing variety of storytelling styles which make up the American Patchwork including: tall tales, folktales and native myths. They'll laugh at the rollicking adventures of Pecos Bill from the West, soar with the Boy Who Fed Eagles from the native tribes of Alaska, giggle and gasp at the Talking Eggs from the Black American storytelling tradition of the South and chuckle at the misadventures of Lazy Jack from the rich Jack Tales tradition of the Appalachian Mountains.

What's in a Story?

This assembly features multicultural folktales, original stories, myths, and personal tales, retold in a highly animated and energetic style that encourages students to broaden their perspectives about what makes up a story, and energizes children to read!

Ghost Stories

Age appropriate ghost stories and scary tales from around the world. Lower grades will giggle over giants and willy nilly men, while the upper grades will get chicken skin and goose bumps from the jump tales an errie stories they crave.

A Journey Through Grimms

Featuring the captivating stories of the brothers Grimm, Michael takes audiences on a delicious tour of portrait, landscape, laughter and sound as they discover one of the most significant collections of folklore in our literary heritage.

Jewish Folktales

This assembly features a lively telling of folktales and original stories from the rich and hilarious Jewish storytelling tradition. Through the stories, students will be given a general introduction to the history and customs of Jewish culture.

Create your Own

Because of Michael's extensive research of stories, his repertoire is so vast he can find the right story for almost any event. If you don't see a theme which interests you below, please contact Michael and he can try to create a show for you.

Cuentos De Mexico - Stories and Music from Mexico (Bilingual)

Cuentos de Mexico

This performance is a special collaboration with musician Luis Perez. It is a bilingual presentation which includes colorful folktales and personal stories from Mexico.

Leave it to Michael

What Michael is best at, finding the right stories for the moment.

For booking info, contact Michael.

"He has such a gift for telling tales and reeling you into the story, the kids were transfixed"

-- S.B. Independent

"Michael~ You are fantastic at what you do! After school, the second grade teachers couldn't stop talking about your assembly (which they referred to as the "best assembly this year" - and that's a huge compliment since we've had some amazing assemblies). Again, thank you - it was terrific!"

-- Jennifer Eppright, Oakley School

"I just wanted to send a note of appreciation for your school assembly this year. I hope you realize what an impact your stories make in the lives of children in awakening the importance of oral stories. While my daughter, who’s in 1st grade, shared her story about the assembly yesterday, my 12 year old son, who’s now in middle school, said, "I remember him. He told that great story about when he was a boy ." He worked with you four years ago at another school site but still remembered you! Thanks for bringing words to life with all of our children. You have such a gift!”

– Felicia Roggero, Principal
Brandon Elementary School, Santa Barbara

"For many years, Michael has brought the art of storytelling to our annual GATE conference, and he always engages and enchants our students as they explore new paths of creativity and self-expression." -

– Craig Goldman, Superintendent,
Mountain View Whisman School District

“The performance was amazing and inspiring!”

– Freight and Salvage Coffeehouse, Berkeley, CA

“Every teacher who attended your storytelling performance remarked at how every child was spellbound by your stories. You could hear a pin drop and in the children's eyes you could see their imaginative synapses firing away. We loved your assembly!”

– Hope Pilch, North School Assembly Chair
Hillsborough, CA

“I wanted to thank you again for sharing your wonderful gift with the students in Glenn County . You once again had them mesmerized, and I think your storytelling will be one of the highlights of their school years. I borrowed your CD to play in the car for my kids (6 and 9) on our way home from school in Chico. Once home, they stayed in the car in the driveway, not making a peep, until it was finished. I’ve got some very active kids, so this was amazing to see them still and quiet! That’s the power of your gift.”

(and from the prior year)

“After Michael Katz’ first visit to our annual Young Writers’ Festival, it was clear that he would be invited back next year. He was the talk of the festival and students scrambled to sign up for his session the following year. Mr. Katz mesmerized the students (and adults!) with his amazing talent. He had us laughing, crying, and overall spellbound. Such engagement of a large group of 4th - 8th grade students was a magical site to see.”

– Anna Lane, Coordinator of Library Media Services
Glenn County Office of Education

“We love Michael at Hope School! He is very popular here with the students and the staff, having offered multiple performances and artist in residence programs in recent years. We think of him as an old friend and consider him an honorary member of the Hope School Community. He has such a gift to share! Our students learn so much - they get to practice their active listening skills, and Michael chooses stories to share that are both entertaining and have important life lessons. He inspires us with his talent and his passion."

– Barbara LaCorte, Principal
Hope School, Santa Barbara

"Michael Katz was amazing! He was engaging and so much fun to listen to! Staff and students laughed throughout his presentations. He also had a great moral at the end of each story! I have had more staff come to me and say amazing things about Michael! They loved him and were surprised at the engagement of the students! They said his face was like rubber with all the expressions he can make! "

– Tanisha Brannan, Principal
Fillmore Elementary, Stockton

"Delightfully, intriguingly, engaging!"

– Alan Glover, 4th Grade Teacher
Pomeroy Elementary, Santa Clara School District

“I just want to let you know that you are the best storytleller in the world! My favorite story you tell is the Salt story. I like it becasue you act like you’re really the character. You were the one who got me into reading. I appreciate you coming to Goleta every year!”

– Penny, 3rd Grade Student
Brandon School, Santa Barbara

“You’re a kid magnet!”

– Penny’s Best Friend
Brandon School, Santa Barbara

“I am a huge fan of yours. I went to the author-go-round and loved your work. I live in Santa Maria and can't wait untill you come to our public library. The fact that there is someone so funny in the world just makes me so happy. I wish everyone in the world knows who you are. I am writing an essay on an author or storyteller and of course, I chose you. I chose you because you are funny. I would love to know simple facts about you, so I can get an "A". If you could find some spare time, please E-mail me back. Thank you for your time.”

– Cheyenne Wiley, 4th grade Student…(she got an A!)
Santa Maria

“Hello Dr. Mylen (Principal). My daughter Tosca is in Ms. Farquhar's first grade class and last night at dinner launched into the most incredible story. She retold one of the tales she had heard earlier that day from the storyteller who performed for the kids, with such detail it was incredible - she repeated phrases like he must have done, did the sound effects, spoke in funny voices, and she didn't stop until she reached the end after about a half an hour. When my husband and I were asking her afterwards about the storyteller, she said that she 'fell totally into his story' and when he finished it was like waking up from a dream; she said she was surprised to find herself back in the MPR. All this to say that whoever he was, he must have been an excellent storyteller and had a really rich impact on Tosca. Thanks for bringing him in!

– Parent
Vista Verde Elementary School, Irvine

“Michael Katz performed at my daughters' school in Castro Valley and was amazing! He had two separate assemblies, one for K-2 and one for 3-5. One of the kindergarten teachers said that she was shocked that he held her class's attention for 45 minutes! He is very talented and has an incredible gift for telling stories and engaging children.”

– Parent
Marshall Elemetary School, Castro Valley

“Michael had the students engaged and involved in his wonderful stories. My kindergartners talked about his stories for days afterwards, acting them out and writing about them in writer's workshop!”

– Stefani Maida, Teacher
Emerson Elementary School, Berkeley

"My son came home and told me about the assembly, which is really saying something, and one of the kids who read to me in his classroom last week, credited Mr. Katz with improving his read-aloud inflection (my words, not his). One of the teachers came to the PTA meeting tonight and said she was so impressed because Michael Katz held the kids' attention for 45 minutes at the assembly with nothing more than a chair."

– Parent
Monte Vista School, Santa Barbara

“Just wanted to tell you that your story about your grandfather really moved me. I enjoyed both your stories ever so...but I went home and called my father. Your story reminded me again about how precious time is--and not to take it for granted. Your stories hold rich and wonderful entertainment; there are truths and generousity of spirit that go to the heart of things. Thank you so very much!”

– Kathleen, Librarian, Santa Barbara

“You’re the goodest actor ever!”

– 1st grade student, Oakland

“I want to be sure you know that this teacher holds you as a hero for children and education. It started when my twins, age 5, saw you tell "Why the Spider Has a Narrow Waist" in Solvang in 1994 and proceeded to come home, sit us down, and tell us the whole-yes, the WHOLE story, (they didn't even have to study the sequence of events-it just stuck!) complete with many of the actions you had used. Now, that is an impact on a young mind that leads to becoming a life-long learner! Talk about meeting the standards!

Since then, your multi-cultural contributions to our community and the beauty, joy and wonder of language and people that you've shared with us has only caused my admiration to grow. You're a gift to the world. Still one of your biggest fans, always will be!”

– Janice, Elementray Teacher / Parent