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"Michael worked closely with our teaching staff to develop a storytelling program tha was appropriate to the needs of our student population. Michael fully conveyed his love of storytelling. Students demonstrated increasing confidence in themselves as storytellers and showed great enthusiasm for the workshop sessions. Michael Katz is an extremely talented artist, an ideal resource for school's searching for innovative ways to enhance their student language arts abilities."

-- Michael Vail, Principal, Cleveland Elementary School

Available Workshops:

In-School Storytelling Residency

One of Michael's most popular workshops is his in-school storytelling residency. The residency includes assembly performances and in-class workshops. Students have the opportunity to work directly with storyteller Michael Katz to learn the art of storytelling. Students conclude the course with a story they can tell to the lower grades. The workshops are Language and Theatre Arts based covering:

  • reading comprehension
  • theatrical movement
  • storytelling rhythm
  • sequencing
  • vocal projection
  • eye contact
  • and so much more.

The residencies go from 1 - 4 days, or more if desired. Give your students the opportunity to watch, learn and perform! For booking info, contact Michael.

"Michael was an inspirationto me as a novice storyteller and to my students, whose love of storytelling increased dramatically after watching Michael perform and coach them through the telling of their own tales. Michael is a gifted storyteller who imparts a unique warmth and richness to the stories he tells. My students were so inspired by Michael's stories that he became their role model. I was impressed by the way Michael reached out to all my students, and he e set the stage for me to continue developing the stories with my students and to move onto the next storytelling project."

-- Harriet Wingard, 4th Grade Teacher
Monroe Elementary School, Santa Barbara

"Thank you for teaching me how to act in front of people and how to believe in myself."

-- Andrew Brian Johnson, 6th grader
Franklin School, Santa Barbara

In-Service Storytelling Workshop

Michael works with teachers to educate them on how they can be better storytellers and incorporate storytelling in their teaching curriculum. For booking info, contact Michael.

Adult Storytelling Workshop and Public Speaking Coaching

Michael works in groups or on an individual basis helping people strengthen theirs skill at telling a story or with their public speaking. For booking info, contact Michael.

"Michael is a gifted storyteller and teacher; he knows his craft and communicates it clearly. It didn’t matter whether people were working on stories for kids, the stage, or their next dinner party: Everyone’s work blossomed as a result of Michael’s warm and expert guidance. It doesn't matter whether he's telling or teaching, Michael's is constantly creating learning opportunities for his audience/students."

– Chris Wolfe
Adult Storytelling Student/Actor, San Francisco

"What a joyful performer! He embodies his characters and charismatically invites everyone in, leaving everyone feeling satisfied and delighted. As a coach, I've found him insightful, supportive, encouraging and aware of each individual's needs."

– Miriam Mills
Asian Art Museum, San Francisco

“Thank you for the really lovely workshop last week. Many volunteers commented to me in the following days that they thought you were wonderful! We had a great time and learned much! I played the first story on your CD for my 8-year-old daughter during dinner last Wednesday and she loved it. It truly captured her imagination and we’re looking forward to listening to the others! Thank you again for your enriching workshop. I’m looking forward to asking you for a return engagement!

– Chris Spitzel, Librarian, Children’s Services
Booklegger Library Outreach Coordinator, Pleasanton Public Library

"This class taught me a lot about myself - how I communicate and how I could communicate better. Very valuable for a short class.”

– Bob Cheatham, Oakland

“Michael has the most gentle way of delivering feedback that otherwise would be difficult to hear and use. Your gift amazes me.”

– Sarah Lord, Berkeley

“The class was just terrific. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to add greater depth to their storytelling. The critiques were right on target. I really appreciated the supportive and honest feedback both you and the class gave to me. In addition, I learned so much from hearing the stories of class members.”

– KW, Santa Barbara

Create Your own Storytelling Workshop

Just as it says, create your own storytelling workshop to fit your needs. For booking info, contact Michael.

“My son Thomas is not one to discuss his school day at home. Try as we may to draw discussion from him on what he learned each day, we should be glad to get three letter sentences. Ah, but when I asked about the Michael Katz presentation last Friday, we were treated with a veritable performance. I have NEVER heard him recount a story with such presence and detailed imagery. Clearly, Mr. Katz had ignited his imagination and made a memorable impression. So vivid was the retelling that now his brothers are enacting parts of the story. It has had an impact on the whole family!” Thank you for bringing this experience to our school.

-- Patrick, Cold Spring School, Montecito

“Itzel is one of our special needs students. Those are the most words I’ve ever heard her speak. Your storytelling workshop is amazing.”

-- Ms. Thomas Madison Elementary School

“Dear Michael, First, I'm so sorry it's taking me this long to respond to your letter to Kevin, written a few months ago. To prompt your memory, my son, Kevin is a 4th grader, in Ms. Pesapane's class at Monroe school. He had astage-fear experience with you and broke down. You then, quickly wrotedown some words of encouragement for him, and had your note ready to send home with Kole that same day!

I am so grateful for your effort to encourage Kole and care enough to offer your time to write these treasured words of encouragement for him. I intended to report to you right away how meaningful it was for him to receive your letter. That day and several days after, he read and re-read your letter and even had it with him in bed and fell asleep with it the first night. He was very touched. He believed/believes your words and worked through his experience without any extra baggage of feeling upset etc, just recovered quickly and moved on. He still reads your letter and says things like "Mr. Katz was so good to write me this letter and help me feel better".

So, I wanted to make sure that I let you hear how much the letter helped Kevin and how much he appreciated it! This letter is now cherished by Kevin and I will include it in his scrap book of favorite things, for him to read again as an adult and smile! Thank you Michael. Take care

-- Kevin’s Mom, Janice

“My daughter, a shy child, blossomed in Michael's class, and came away inspired by herself -- and what could be cooler than that?”

-- Abbi Berkeley Parent

“Both children and teachers of Urban Sprouts loved your workshop. I saw my own seven year old daughter in a new light as she told the story of Diamond tree after your workshop. The images you shared with children are so rich that they will stay with them for life. We are all looking forward for you to come back later this year.”

-- Jane Yurkevich Executive Director Urban Sprouts Day School

“What my kid's couldn't stop talking about for a week after Michael's performance, were his amazing, funny faces! My girls started to tell stories themselves with more theatrics. It was hysterical!”

-- Hilary Conlon, Saklan Valley School PA President

“Michael Katz recently led a group of 7-to-11-year-olds, girls and boys, in a four-week storytelling class at our venue that ended with an informal stage performance for family and friends.

Michael was quite enthusiastic and flexible, and seemed at all times to crackle with energy. Most importantly, he was extremely skilled at the fine art of bringing out the innate storyteller in each child. This was plain from the performance the kids gave at the end of class, when the children took turns telling sections of two very amusing folk tales; each having developed his or her own style and particular dramatic flourishes. It was an amazing and inspiring performance, where each child shone as a unique, compelling storyteller in his or her own right.”

– Andrea Hirsig, Education Director
Freight & Salvage Coffeehouse, Berkeley, CA

“My 8-year old daughter came home and told the entire family several stories and she seemed to be practicing with such excitement and emotion. Our daughter is an amazingly brilliant student and is social at school but her younger sister has had some recent health issues that have made the mood around our house stressful. I appreciate that she came home today and entertained all of us with her exuberance and reminded me of what a bright little light she has inside of her when she is inspired. This is why it is essential that you continue your work with schools! I appreciate so much your presence at school today and the use of your talent to help hook kids into something different--which is what will lead them to success in life.”

– LF, A grateful mother